Fight against “epidemic” | Praise Nan tong LvBaJiao “Ferryman” Ge tao

On March 29,Tong zhou District found one person tested positive for nucleic acid in the routine nucleic acid test of greenhouse vegetable planting staff. Tongzhou District took swift action to trajectory survey, close contact investigation, personnel control, social prevention and control, and clearly demarcated containment zone, control zone and prevention zone.Due to the epidemic, our company was in shutdown state, and all work could not be carried out until March 21st.But affected by the epidemic, Nan Tong has implemented closed-loop logistics management since April 6, 2022.

From wechat mini program declare picking up and dropping off cars information, special personnel of the unit in demand must be responsible for and accompanied, otherwise the release will not be allowed.  The epidemic prevention policy in the special period has brought many challenges to the production and operation of enterprises. Non-local vehicles dare not enter Nantong, the transportation of raw materials and finished products is blocked, and the new logistics control policy needs to be mastered.
At the critical moment, Ge Tao of NANTONG LVBAJIAO TEXTILE CO.,LTD. volunteered to guide the transport vehicles. Since the resumption of work, Ge Tao has undertaken the work for 14 days. When he met a long queue at the expressway, he often waited for 2 to 3 hours,scorching sun, sweating. In addition to picking up and dropping off cars, he also keeps the rest of his work in order.

Ge Tao takes up the logistics task independently and opens the transportation “intestinal obstruction” , neither afraid of hardship nor afraid of fatigue, during the period did not occur a mistake, did not cause a delay event, to ensure the normal production and operation. Special period, Ge tao brave dedication, hardworking, willing to be the enterprise production and management of logistics “ferryman”, praise for him!

Post time: Mar-04-2022