Color trends|Five key colors for spring and summer 2023.1

Authoritative trend forecasting agency WGSN united color solution leader Coloro jointly announced the 2023 spring and summer five key colors, to provide popular color plate, including:  Digital Lavender, Luscious Red, Tranquil Blue, Sundial,Verdigris.

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01. Digital Lavender
Coloro code 134-67-16
WGSN* has teamed up with Coloro* to predict that purple will return to the market in 2023 as a color that symbolizes physical and mental health and the transcendent digital world.
Lavender is undoubtedly a kind of light purple, and it is also a beautiful color, full of charm.

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02.Luscious Red
Coloro code 010-46-36
Luscious Red compared with the traditional red,more prominent user affection,with an appealing charm red attract consumers,with color to shorten the distance of users, increase the enthusiasm for communication

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03.Tranquil Blue
Coloro code 114-57-24
Tranquil Blue conveys a sense of peace and serenity and is used in interior design, avant-garde makeup, fashion clothing and more.

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Coloro code 028-59-26
Compared with bright yellow, Sundial adds a dark color system, which is closer to the earth and the breath and lasting appeal of nature, and has the characteristics of simplicity and calmness.

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Coloro code 092-38-21
*Between blue and green, Verdigris is vaguely vibrant and retro, and Coloro indicates that in the future, copper-green will evolve into a vibrant and positive hue.
* WGSN is an international fashion authority with a wide range of fashion influences, providing trend-related services to more than 7,000 brands worldwide, covering consumer and market insights, fashion, beauty, home, consumer electronics, automotive, food and beverage, etc.
* Coloro is a global leader in color solutions, with rich color expertise and future color innovation technology, providing brands and supply chains with end-to-end color solutions from consumer insight, creative design, r&d and production, promotion and sales to market tracking.

Post time: Apr-02-2022