What is tencel fabric? What are the characteristics?

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Tencel is a man-made fabric,it's the natural cellulose material as the raw material, through artificial means to decompose synthetic fiber, raw material is natural, technical means is artificial, there is no doping other chemical substances in the middle, can be called a natural artificial regenerative fibert, so it does not produce other chemicals and can be recycled after waste, it’s a safe and pollution-free fabric. Tencel has the characteristics of softness and luster of silk fabric, and also has the permeability of cotton. It is often used to make summer t-shirts and cardigans. All kinds of advantages make tencel fabrics occupy an important position in the market.
Today we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of tencel fabric and washing precautions.

Tencel fabric advantages:
1. Tencel fabric not only has strong moisture absorption, but also has the strength that ordinary fibers do not have. The strength of tencel fabric is similar to polyester at present.
2. Tencel has good stability and is not easy to shrink after washing.
3. Tencel fabrics feel and luster are good, luster is better than cotton.
4. Tencel has the smooth and elegant characteristics of real silk
5. Air permeability and moisture absorption are also the main characteristics of tencel fabrics.

Disadvantages of tencel fabric:
1. More sensitive to temperature, tencel is easy to harden in hot and humid weather.
2. Frequent friction will cause breakage, so friction should be avoided in daily wear.
3. It is more expensive than pure cotton fabric.
Tencel fabric washing precautions:
1.Tencel fabric is not acid and alkali resistant, it is recommended to use neutral detergent when washing.
2. Don't wring after washing, hang directly in the shade.
3. Do not directly insolate in the sun, easy to cause deformation of the fabric.

Post time: Apr-25-2022